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Rotary 101
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Dear King of Prussia Rotarians


Our Rotary club has engaged in a vigorous campaign to increase membership during the past several years. The outcome of this effort resulted in the induction of several members, those new to Rotary, as well as seasoned Rotarians transferring from other clubs. While this bodes well for our club, one aspect of attracting and retaining new members is a program for informing them about who we are and what we do in KOP Rotary.


The former “fireside chats” program, aimed at providing just that kind of information to newly inducted members, was reinstituted as “Getting to know Rotary.”  After only one session was held it led to a more formal “Rotary 101” training program. We put together a more comprehensive training program to convey important aspects of Rotary to all KOP Rotarians on a timelier basis, both recently added and more seasoned members.


This program was undertaken at the recommendation of Past President, Barbara McMullan, who appointed long standing club members, and two more recently inducted Rotarians to pull together what evolved into a training manual, called Rotary 101.


We plan to provide periodic updates and add any additional materials which may be helpful to broaden our understanding of Rotary. Rotarians are invited to comment on the content and recommend further relevant information. We invite feedback by everyone in order to assure complete inclusion of all pertinent facts about Rotary and the work we do.


Proposed Outline of Essential Information for the Rotary Club of King of Prussia


  1. What is Rotary?

  1. Who started it?

  2. When did it begin?

  3. Where did it begin? 
    d.   Why was it created?

    e.    Notable Rotarians

  1. Membership Process/Induction/Sponsor

    3. Financial Aspects of Rotary

    4. Classification(s)

  1. Directors/Trustees

  2. Officer Nomination Process

  3. Avenues of Service

  4. Club Assignments

  5. Foundations

  1. KOPR Charitable Foundation

  2. Rotary Foundation

  3.  Gundaker Foundation

  4. Paul Harris Foundation

  5. Annual Fund Raising Programs                                   

          (Club versus RI)

  1. Club Awards – Paul Vaughn, Carl Beck

  2. Non-denominational Invocations

  3. Club’s 50/50

  4. Matching Grants…the Rotary Multiplier

  5. Interact – UMAHS

  6. Newsletter, Web Site and Face book

  7. Public Relations

  8. Weekly Speaker Programs


    Submitted by: Carl A. Pinto, Sr. KOP Rotary Trainer